How To Delete Videos From IPod Nano

iPod Nano's come with a limited amount of space, so learning how to delete videos from iPod Nano may be the way to solve this problem. Deleting videos off of your Nano does not mean it will be gone forever. As long as you have that same video saved to your computer you can also add it back to your iPod Nano later on. Apple has made the iPod products so functional that deleting things like videos is not difficult at all. Here are some steps that will show you just how easy it is.

To delete videos from iPod Nano, you will need:

  • iPod Nano
  1. Go to the main menu of your iPod Nano and click on where it says "videos." On the next screen select the option titled "camera videos." Then click on "video" again. Use your finger to press down the center circle button and hold it until options appear.
  2. One of the options should be delete. If you are sure that you no longer want the video on your iPod Nano click the "delete" button. This will permanently remove the video from your iPod Nano. Just to check that it has been deleted go to where it says "videos" to view all of the videos on your iPod Nano. If the video is no longer there then it has successfully been deleted.

Now you can use this knew feature that you learned to add and delete all of the videos on your iPod Nano that you want with no problems at all.

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