How To Delete Xbox Live Account

Learning how to delete an Xbox live account is an important step before selling your Xbox. There are many other reasons to learn how to delete Xbox live account such as to create a new one and stop billing on the old one. Learning how to delete Xbox live account is not actually possible as Microsoft does not allow users to delete the account however it is possible to remove billing options or change the gamertag.

Things you'll need:

  • Xbox / Xbox 360
  • Xbox Live Account
  • Internet connection
  1. Launch Xbox Live. Power on your Xbox or Xbox 360 to the dashboard. Allow the Xbox to connect to your Xbox Live account, indicated by the notification in the bottom center of the screen.
  2. Go to marketplace. Launch the marketplace by selecting it with controller. Scroll to the "My Account" tab to open the information about your Xbox Live account.
  3. Remove payment method. Remove the payment method from the "My Account" tab. Select the payment method and clear your information out. Now select "Automatic Renew" and choose No. Save your changes.
  4. Delete the account. Delete the Xbox Live account from the Xbox. Select the "Settings" option from the Dashboard. Select "Memory & Profiles". Highlight your Xbox Live account and select it. Choose the option to "Delete" and it will delete your Xbox Live Account. Return to the dashboard.


  • You can change your Xbox Live gamertag rather than deleting your account if you wish to have a new gamertag.
  • Deleting an Xbox Live Account is not permanent, you can always "restore" it later.
  • Removing the payment option from your Xbox Live Account and deleting it from the Xbox will ensure it's not used or charged in the future.



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