How To Delete Your Background On Xbox 360

It isn't complicated to know how to delete your background on Xbox 360. Ever since the NXE update (New Xbox Experience) on November 19, 2008, the ability to change your background on Xbox 360 is even easier than before. Although the previous "Blade" interface was quite useful, it was not practical when it came to Xbox LIVE community standards and the wider variety of services Microsoft intended to provide with the new 360 styling. So, mind not the NXE changes when it comes to changing your background on Xbox 360.

Check the below list for all items you will need to delete your background on Xbox 360:

  • An Xbox 360 (anything from an arcade to an elite will do)
  • An Xbox 360 controller
  • The NXE update (applied when connected to Xbox LIVE silver or gold)
  1. Connect your Xbox to power, turn it on, connect the controller. If you have not applied the NXE update, now might be the time. In this case, also connect your Xbox 360 to the Internet (search "how to connect to Xbox LIVE" if you haven't done this before). In order to delete your background on Xbox 360, you'll need the NXE update, or else attempt to convert these instructions into the "blade" version.
  2. Go to the "My Xbox" row. You should see your avatar and user information (as well as your gamer points and all kinds of miscellaneous stuff) on the second slide. Flip to that slide (one square to the right) to access the ability to change your background on Xbox 360. Select that slide by pressing "A".
  3. After clicking the slide with your avatar on it, select "Change Theme". This translates into "change your background on Xbox 360", despite the use of the word "theme". Although several other background images will be changed along with it.
  4. Select your new theme/background. Your background on Xbox 360 can be a variety of themes. There is urban, "Halo," the "regular" Xbox default, and any others you might have downloaded relating to specific games. For instance, "Fable," "Castle Crashers," "Mass Effect" and most noteworthy games all have a background on Xbox 360 (although they might cost some coin).

Not only has the NXE update made things easier in general for the Xbox, but it has greatly improved your ability to simply delete your background on Xbox 360 (if need be). Although you will always have to choose one specific theme to be there in case you delete yours, at least you got rid of that oh-so-annoying "My Little Pony" background that has been bugging you for weeks.

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