How A Dental Hygienist Should Ask For A Raise

Need to know should a dental hygienist ask for a raise? The same way every other deserving employee does! The dental profession is not an easy one, dental hygienist need an extra dose of patience. Most clients come in because they are in pain, and a good hygienist knows how to comfort the patient.  If you are a dental hygienist who is underpaid, you should ask for a raise. These tips will assist you in asking for the raise. 

  1. Make sure you are worthy of a raise. Asking for a raise could backfire if you have not been a model employee, or on the verge of being terminated. Review your own record. Do you arrive at work early? Are you a team player, do you get along well with the other dental hygienists? Do you receive more praise than complaints from patients? If so, be sure to play up these aspects of your performance.
  2. Prepare a letter requesting a meeting to discuss a pay raise. This gives management an opportunity to prepare by reviewing your record.  They may find reasons for giving you a raise by reviewing your records and call off the meeting.
  3. Keep your composure. Losing your temper or having a bad attitude will not get you a raise. 
  4. Make your case. Start by sharing some of the reasons you enjoy your career as a dental hygienist. Discuss why you enjoy the work environment. Share with management your desire to remain at the company. Discuss the relevant contributions you have made to the company. Ask management their feelings about you as an employee. Ask management about your performance. Listen to their comments. If the feedback is positive, ask for the raise right then and there!
  5. Negotiate. How much do you ask for? You should have some idea before you start the process. If you aren’t offered as much as you would like, ask if you can be given the rest in six months. Also, ask about other perks, such as personal days with pay, paid vacation or medical benefits. 
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