How To Design And Order Your Own Socks

Need to know how to design and order your own socks? Many people are very picky about what they wear, but some people will go to lengths to design their own socks and order them from a custom clothing shop. There are quite a few custom clothing shops accessible through the internet where you can order custom clothing, and yes even socks. Do a quick internet search and you will bring up many different companies that will allow you to custom order just about anything.

You will need:

  • An idea of what kind of socks you want
  • An idea of the design or logo you want for your socks
  • Adobe Creative Suite or a paint program
  1. A design or logo must be designed for your custom socks. You should use a paint program or other graphics program to draw and color your design. Make sure to save the design when you are finished with it. You can feel free to use any colors and any design that you would like for your socks; the sky is the limit.
  2. Send your custom sock design to one of the companies you have chosen. From the website of the company you pick, you should be able to browse the style of socks available, as well as pricing. Once you are satisfied with what socks you would like, send them an email with the design and anything else required. It should not take very long for someone to get back with you about your custom socks.  Once your custom socks are completed, they will be mailed to you.
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