How To Design A Basement Wet Bar

How to design a basement wet bar is a two fold question. It involves the actual design of the bar and the inclusion of plumbing for a sink.

Tools and supplies you will need:

  • A tape measure
  • A ruler
  • Graph paper
  • Chalk
  • No. 2 pencil
  1. The first task is to decide the location of the basement wet bar. It has to be located near either the main waste stack or the rough-in vent for the bathroom. This way, the drain and vent can tee in directly which will reduce work time and drilling through studs.
  2. Next, draw a rough rectangle with the chalk on the basement floor that will resemble the design of the wet bar. 
  3. Measure this rectangle and round it off so it is even on all four sides. For example, the front and back of the bar are six feet and it is three feet wide.
  4. Now draw this rectangle on the graph paper with the ruler and the number two pencil. Use one square for each foot since this is a small design. This is the base of the wet bar and will be built with pressure treated two by fours. Also, every two feet or so, put a bracer in the middle of the front and back.
  5. The next part is to design the height of the bar. The base height of the front should be about forty two inches. This is a little less then four feet which is about the average chest height. Mark this on the graph paper and draw another rectangle. This time, it is six feet across and approximately four squares high. 
  6. The wet bar will not be at the same height as the front of the bar. It will be about a foot lower and the front of the bar will be raised above it. Mark the graph paper a square lower than the top and draw a line. Every two feet, connect the two lines. These are the bracers that will hold the top of the bar up. 
  7. Also, draw a side view and add bracers on the corners and ends of the top. 
  8. From the top view, the top of the bar will be one and one half feet across and the wet bar will be the full width. This makes the top overhang some, but not all the way over the sink.
  9. The last part is to decide where to put the sink in the wet bar. Decide a location and put bracers on either side of the width of the sink.

Now that the base design is done for the wet bar, it's time to build and decorate. 

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