How To Design A Musical Instrument

Learning how to design a musical instrument isn't very difficult. Unless you're talking about creating some electronic contraption, you can only design a musical instrument in three different ways. You can design a musical instrument as either a woodwind, a string, or a percussion instrument. Creating crude versions of these types of instruments is very possible. You just have to be creative. Here's the best way to design and create musical instruments.

Stuff you can use

  • Wood
  • nails
  • metal wire
  • boring tool
  • stretched leather or canvas
  • saw or other cutting tool
  1. The woodwinds. Let's start with the woodwinds. They're probably the hardest of the three to design. Designing a woodwind  musical instrument requires, well a hollowed out piece of wood. So, first thing's first. Find a decent piece of wood and start carving. First carve out a cylindrical piece of wood to the best of your ability. The next thing you need to do is hollow out the middle. Don't, however, break all the way through once you get to the end. Instead, just make a horizontal slit on the remaining barrier big enough to blow through. Now cut a thin sliver of wood and soak it in water. After words, fit it through the slit. Make sure you can lodge it in the barrel of your woodwind. Make a hole over the sliver on the barrel. This sliver will separate the wind creating a whistling sound. Now all you have to do is bore holes down the top of your newly designed musical instrument. Blowing through the front slit and covering certain holes will produce varying noises.
  2. The strings. This particular musical instrument is the easiest to design. Find another piece of wood. and cut out a flat piece. Use a saw, a hacksaw, or whatever you want. Dig out a small basin in the wood on one side, leaving just a little space on the edge. Take six nails. Drive three nails into the wood in the space left near the carved out basin. Drive three nails into the wood on the other end making each one successively farther from its partner at the other end. Take your metal wire and tie it tightly between the three sets of nails. You should have three strings of three different lengths tied tightly to the nails. You know what to do next. Pluck the strings.
  3. The percussion instrument. Designing a musical instrument of the percussion persuasion is much like creating the woodwind, Hollow out a wider, shorter cylindrical piece of wood. Stretch your thin leather or canvas over one side of the wooden cylinder. Make sure it's tight. Nail it into the wood all around the sides of the wood. Now all you have to do is bang on the leather or canvas top.
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