How To Design A Restaurant

Knowing how to design a restaurant is about knowing the market you are targeting and keeping the interior design user friendly for customers and restaurant staff.  The way the interior of the restaurant is decorated and laid out is important to the success of the restaurant. Before designing a restaurant you should know the market you are targeting and find a convenient location with parking. Think about the type of restaurant you are building and decide what type of dining room, kitchen, entrance area would work for the concept. Do you want booths for a diner, or a dining room with separate bar and kitchen for an upscale steak house?  These are the type of questions you must ask when designing a restaurant.  When designing your restaurant follow these tips before you begin building.

  1. Know the market and the competition. Visit  other restaurants like the one you want to design.  What type of dining room, menu, customers and locations do they have? Do they have a bar, special food, free meals for kids, wide aisle, and good parking lot ?  Are the wait staff organized, polite, quick, and clean. These are all important part of restaurant design.
  2. Hire an interior designer with restaurant experience. A good interior designer will help you layout your kitchen, dining room and bar correctly.
    They will know how to keep traffic moving and see problems that might arise in designing. Looking at floor plans and layouts lets you see how the design will work. Designers that  know about wait staff and customer traffic and how to control it are a big plus.
  3. Know trends that help drive business.  Knowing what customers look for in the menu and dining room helps design an effective restaurant.. Do your customers want Mediterranean food on the menu or vegetarian? Do they want computer access for their Blackberry's and computers's.  What is important to them low prices and good food? Computer access is popular in some restaurants and certain types of food.
  4. Find a good location where customers have easy access. Find a good location to build the restaurant with good parking. Nothing is more frustrating then a restaurant that is hard to get to. Having to look for blocks for parking will often keep customers away. Is the location where you customers will come? Often location is one of the most important aspect in success.
  5. Lighting is important. The type of lighting in  restaurant sets a mood for the restaurant. Yellow or  orange lighting creates a friendly warm atmosphere. Dim lighting creates a romantic or cozy atmosphere.  Blue lighting creates a fun festive atmosphere or relaxing one.
  6. Decorate with art work or murals. Art on the wall sets a mood depending on the type of restaurant that you are designing.   Artwork can depict the past days of sports, be about the food and culture of a country or focus on an individual theme like the circus. Most customers like to see some visual pieces when they dine. It creates an experience or atmosphere when dining out.
  7. Design for space.  Design for space and comfort of the customers.  Allow for wait staff and customers to have room to more safely. This is important even with small restaurants. A adequate size kitchen along with  a comfortable dining room with adequate aisle room to perform basic functions should be incorporated into any design.
  8. Use green design techniques when possible.  Natural lighting from windows and skylights creates a positive experience for customers. Decorate with recycled materials or use local artists that specialize in recycled furniture or crafts. Use energy efficient appliances in the kitchen.
  9. Use sustainable material when building. Materials like bamboo, salvaged wood, sisal fiber, granite alternatives can be used if you want to incorporate green design in the restaurant.
  10. Don't forget color and sound. The color of the walls in restaurant sets a mood or tone for the customers.  White walls or pastel colors let's the customer relax and feel there is more space in the restaurant. Building with materials that reduce sound or make sound better creates a more pleasant atmosphere inside the restaurant.
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