How To Design A Shoulder Tattoo

Do you want to learn about how to design a shoulder tattoo that works for your taste and style? When you are designing your shoulder tattoo keep in mind that what ever design you decide on is going to have to be able to go at a rounded angle. You don't want a shoulder design that looks ridiculous in a rounded shape since your shoulders will show. Here are some ideas to help you design your shoulder tattoo.

  1. Designed for the shoulder A design that works for your shoulders general shape. An eagle isn't going to work very well, unless you get a smaller one and have the eagle lie across your shoulder.
  2. Direction of shoulder tattoo. Almost any design will work as a shoulder tattoo. Lines, unique shapes, and most patterns should be pretty easy to get away with. Even better if you design your shoulder tattoo down your shoulder rather than across. This still depends on your taste.
  3. Try a fake shoulder tattoo before you go permanent. Try the tattoo before you go permanent. Definitely draw your shoulder tattoo or henna your shoulder tattoo before you go to the needle parlor.
  4. Compare tattoos in the mirror Draw a few designs on paper and hold them up to your shoulder in a mirror. Picture your art being on your shoulder. Heck, if it makes you feel better get a trusted second opinion.

What ever design you decide to get on your shoulder, heavily bear in mind that since it is on your shoulder it's less hide able than if your shoulder tattoo were on your upper thigh or hip. Unless you are the guy who prefers not to go shirtless, your shoulder tattoo will definitely be revealed. As long as you are cool with that you've got a potentially cool shoulder tattoo to get. Have fun with your new shoulder tattoo.

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