How To Design A Skateboard Deck

Learning how to design a skateboard deck is not difficult in the least, and once you’ve learned how, you can begin getting your very own custom design printed on your boards through various companies. Designing your own skateboard is a great way to express yourself, and a great way to have complete control in customizing your board! Anything you can think of could be on your board, so get to designing!

  1. First, you’ll want to snag a skateboard deck template from an online source. You can usually find a nice one just by doing an internet search for it. Make sure that the template you download is a layered file to make for an easy process and the best result. If you cannot find a layered template file, just an image of the bottom side of a skateboard will do.
  2. Open the template or image that you’ve downloaded in your image editing program. If you’ve downloaded a template with layers, all that you will need to do is hide all of the layers except for the board layer. If you’ve downloaded a basic image file, you will have to first carefully make a neat and smooth selection of the board (this can easily be done with the Pen tool in Photoshop). After you’ve made your selection, create a new layer over the image file, make sure the new layer is selected and choose to fill the selection with white. This new white-colored layer will be your canvas and board layer for designing your skateboard deck.
  3. Begin designing your skateboard deck on the board layer. You can now go ahead and let your creativity soar. If you’ve actually drawn something out on paper, you can scan it in to your computer, import it into the file you’re working with and adjust it to fit your board. You can also create a clipping mask so that the scanned image fits nicely over the board layer. After you placed it, you can go ahead and begin working on it and turning it into a smooth work of art using your image editing program.
  4. Save your work periodically so that it’s not lost. The last thing you want is for your skateboard deck design to get lost or accidentally go unsaved. So, save your work, and print it off so you can show all of your friends!
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