How To Design A Sweatshirt

Any budding fashion designer can learn how to design a sweatshirt. Whether you are creating a one-of-a-kind keepsake to commemorate a family reunion, camping trip or special holiday, creating a sweatshirt that displays your personality is a relatively easy process.

  1. Select a sweatshirt that will serve as your canvas. Stick to the right size for yourself or whoever the intended recipient will be. Pick a light color that will not overwhelm the artistry you will provide.
  2. Think through the design. Ask yourself exactly what it is that you wish to display. Think about words, colors and other designs you want to include.
  3. Select the right fabric paints and appliqués. A trip to the local craft shop should provide everything you could possibly need. Bring the sweatshirt with you so that you can compare the fabric paint selections with the color of the fabric. Use the sweatshirt as a guide for the appropriate size and amount of the appliqués you select.
  4. Create a test pattern. Lay the sweatshirt out on a table or spacious countertop. Next to it, lay a piece of paper or poster board. Refer to the sweatshirt and create the design you want on the poster board. Write out in pencil any writing you want to include. Lay out the appliqués as well. This step will give you a good idea of what the finished product will look like.
  5. Analyze the pattern before you actually begin making the designs. Make any changes to the layout before you begin applying the craft paint. This is the time to make any changes, before you make the design permanent.
  6. Carefully write out the sweatshirt message. You will want to take this step first. This will give you a guide to placing the rest of the design. Allow the paint to dry before proceeding to the next step.
  7. Carefully attach any appliqués. After the fabric paint dries, add in the other pieces that will make the sweatshirt special. Allow the sweatshirt to dry completely.

Now your sweatshirt is ready. Wear the sweatshirt you have created proudly, but be careful! Follow the instructions included with the fabric paint and appliqués for laundering and care.



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