How To Design A Tattoo

Do you want to learn how to design a tattoo? Many times people go into a tattoo studio and pick out pre-made tattoo designs. But if you have a flair for creativity, you have the option of designing your own tattoo.

Things you'll need:

  • Creativity
  • Assistance from tattoo parlor
  • Pen and paper
  1. Using your creativity. Tattoos are partially about creativity. Even though a lot of tattoos could be alike, most people put their own spin on their design. When you design a tattoo from the beginning, you have the option of being completely original. It's just a matter of personal taste and creativity.
  2. Talented tattoos. You'll notice if you have a natural flair for designing a tattoo. Using a basic ink pen and just letting your ideas flow out of your own hand will tell you how much talent you have to design a tattoo. You'll get comments when all you were doing is playing with designs, not that guys go around with writing on their bodies. Paper is a good way to let your ideas flow, too.
  3. Help with technology. There are sites online that allow you to design a tattoo using computer technology. Just like some artists use computer programs to do artwork, not all tattoos are done freehand.
  4. Basic ink pen. Grab a pen and sketch or draw away. See what you come up with. Look at unfinished tattoos and add a design or two. Mixing your ideas with others could result in one killer design.

Now you have some ideas to run with to design a tattoo and you know about the technology online using computer software to enhance your tattoo. These ideas should make your next tattoo lots of fun to play with.