How To Design Your Own Basketball Shoes

Learning how to design your own basketball shoes is not too hard if you are working with a custom shoemaker. The most important step in the process is your deciding upon the style, but once you have that down, you may customize your basketball kicks as you like. The following is some advice on how to design you own basketball shoes.

Things you'll need:

  • Computer with internet access
  1. Visit any website that let's users design custom sports shoes. A number of top manufacturers (Nike at NikeiD, for instance) allow you to make your own personal B-ball kicks.
  2. Set up an account if you have to and begin designing shoes. First and most importantly, select style. If you do not know how certain shoes will feel on your feet, visit a shoe store or athletic supply store and try on basketball shoes. Once you have found a style that is comfortable and let's you be adequately mobile, remember the style. You do not have to start customizing your kicks using the actual model, as many manufacturers make similarly styled shoes. Rather, just start with the right design (for instance, high tops, if you like the way they feel).
  3. Select your size and any extra information (like extra wide feet) and get designing. Pick the base color and start making the shoes. You can pick several colors for all parts of each shoe, so try to pick them carefully. Only use complimentary colors, as random, bright colors (like pink, blue and chartreuse) look strange when they are all on the same shoe. This is the hardest step for most people who are learning how to design basketball shoes. Often, they get carried away and add colors they later regret. Be sure to color your shoes in a way that is fitting so you will be comfortable wearing them on the court without you looking like a fool.
  4. Design the back logo. You can add your name or anything you want. You are done and you may order your customized kicks!

When learning how to design your own basketball shoes, try not to get carried away with your options, which can lead to your designing gaudy shoes. Think about what you want. After you have selected the right style, color your kicks, add your logo, and order the shoes you have created.

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