How TO Design Your Own Football Helmet

"How to Design Your Own Football Helmet" is actually a very interesting event to take part in before attending your favorite Football game. The Los Angeles Rams was the first team to design their helmets. Many people get a kick out of just going to a football game, while others enjoy the body paint, posters, and other dedicated things that people do before and while attending football games. Designing your own helmet can take less then 10 minutes and have you styling with the #1 Fans in no time.

  1. Make sure that you identify first the size of the helmet that you are wanting to wear. This has a lot to do with the helmet space that you'll have to design your helmet. Sizes come in S, M, L, and XL. These helmets can be found at your local sport stores. Make sure that the helmet fits comfortably and your able to maneuver around with the helmet on.
  2. Helmets are either "outlined" or "full colored". You want to have the opportunity to choose whether or not your helmet will be outlined or full colored. Outlined is when the image that you have selected has no filled in colors and is usually done in black and white. Full Colored helmets give you a wide spread when it comes to colors and actually bringing the helmet alive.
  3. Last but not least ,you get to pick a Image that best describes you and your team. This image machine is also found inside of your local sports store or can either be done inside your home with a logo machine. The logo's that you decide to place on your helmet can cover the front, sides, or the back, there's no limitations. This helmet is original and nothing that you'll see anyone else wearing. Your helmet is now complete and can now be purchased and worn to celebrate one of the biggest football games of the year.
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