How To Design Your Own Shoes

Are you obsessed with footwear and want to know how you to design your own shoes? Designing your own shoes is something that you might want to learn if you are crazy about footwear, and if you have a hard time finding shoes that are in your size or that you like. You can create your own special look and individual flair by designing your shoes yourself. Here are some steps to follow on how to design your own shoes.

To design your own shoes you need:

  • creativity
  • computer (with Internet access)
  • leather or vinyl
  • soles
  • insoles
  • laces
  • paint
  1. Have a design in mind for your shoes. The design and planning for your shoes is very essential in order to create them successfully. You need to have a design in mind before you can make the shoes. You also have to determine what type of shoes that you want to design such as sneakers, heels, or flats.
  2. Sketch your design or begin the design your shoes online. There are websites online such as, that you can use to customize and design your own shoes. You can do and web search for designing shoes and chose a website that is suitable for you to design from. If you are not interested in designing your shoes online you can start off by sketching a pair of shoes that you want to design. If you are not exactly sure how to sketch your shoes you can get some help of different websites with designs of shoes.
  3. Purchase the shoe materials needed to make and design your shoes. Once you decide the style of your shoes, you can purchase the shoe materials per the design of your shoes. Some of the most common materials needed to design your shoes are leather, vinyl, soles, insoles, laces, and paint. With your design drawn out and all of your materials at hand, you are now set and ready to go and can go ahead and finish making and designing your shoes.
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