How To Destroy A Tank In Uncharted 2

Do you want to know how to destroy a tank in Uncharted 2? You made it to the place in Uncharted 2 where the tank keeps blowing you up. You cannot figure out how to get rid of the tank so you can continue through your game. You will learn how to destroy the tank in Uncharted 2 with step by step directions below.

Things You Will Need:

  • Uncharted 2 game
  • Your game system
  • Your controller
  • These instructions


  1. You made it to the part in Uncharted 2 where there is a tank that seems indestructible. You have tried your weapons on the tank, but your weapons have no effect on the tank. Your weapons do not have the power to destroy the tank in Uncharted 2. This means you need to find the weapon that has the power to destroy the tank in Uncharted 2.
  2. The weapon is called a rocket launcher. The rocket launcher will destroy the tank in Uncharted 2. You will not be able to destroy the tank with one shot, it will take four to five shots with rocket launchers to destroy the tank.
  3. Where do you find these rocket launchers? Keep going through the game and you will find the rocket launchers on the ground by your feet. There is also a blown up building near where you are playing in the tank section of the game. Pick up these rocket launchers and prepare to destroy the tank.
  4. Take your first shot at the tank. Now the tank is moving, so you have to aim correctly. You want to hit the tank with a direct hit from your rocket launchers. You will need to hit the tank with a direct hit four to five times.
  5. While you are shooting at the tank, the tank is shooting at you. You need to find a safe place to shoot at the tank. If the tank destroys you, you will not destroy the tank. Find a safe place where you can shoot the tank four or five times with your rocket launchers.
  6. You hit the tank once, twice, thrice, and the tank is ready to be destroyed. Pick up your rocket launcher and fire the kill shot at the tank. You got another direct hit and you destroyed the tank in Uncharted 2. Congratulations, you are ready for the next part of the game. Blowing stuff up is so much fun.

Tips: You need rocket launchers to kill tank-RPG’s. You will need multiple direct hits. You need to fire from a safe place.

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