How To Detect A Burnt Valve In 1996 Honda Accord

Do you want to learn how to detect a burnt valve in 1996 Honda Accord before the damage gets worse? The valve’s main function is to regulate the flow of gas or fuel in the car’s engine, so when it is burnt the car’s performance is affected and may not start anymore. Overheating is commonly the reason why a valve burns which could be due to normal wear that damages the valve seat which may cause further damages to its parts and at the end will result to dead cylinder. The following article will let you know when you have a burnt valve.

What you need:

  • Compression testing kit/Leak down tester
  • Gloves
  • Protective goggles
  1. Do a compression test or reading on your 1996 Honda Accord. Compression tests allow you to check the cylinder by inducing compressed air and gauging the leak rate. An indication of burnt valve is when the cylinder is not able to function properly, thus the compression rate is low or impossible. Compression kits are available in automotive shops and easy to use, just be sure to follow the user manual.

  2. Your 1996 Honda Accord’s engine has difficulty to start. Revving up takes longer than the usual.

  3. You experience a delay when the engine is running on idle or a lack of smoothness with the car’s performance. When you use the car frequently, you will notice these abnormalities, but if you’re sensitive enough, even in short drives you’ll already notice that there’s something wrong with the 1996 Honda Accord.

  4. Your car has a damaged valve face. If you notice cracks or warped surface or even missing parts separated from the valve, refer to your car’s manual to see a diagram of what parts are not installed anymore because they may have flaked away due to overheating.

  5. You notice a large amount of leakage. The leak can be heard from the exhaust valve, from the carburetor or from the oil cap. Eventually, leakage will lead to poor compression of the cylinder.


  • Before trying to resolve this issue on your own, check your 1996 Honda Accord owner’s manual about replacement parts warranty or contact your Honda dealer.

  • Refer to the owner’s manual for disassembling, replacing and reassembling of cylinder parts.

  • If you have previous cooling problems or combustion problems, these may have also caused or added to cause of burnt valves.

  • Be mindful of your car’s maintenance schedule. Regular checkups and oiling are just some of the important preventive measures to keep you car in good shape. Again refer to the owner’s manual to check how frequent should you inspect or oil the parts of your engine and other maintenance procedures on your 1996 Honda Accord.

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