How To Detect Heart Murmur In Cats

Learning how to detect heart murmur in cats takes training and knowledge. You can’t detect a heart murmur in a cat by observation. You can’t detect a heart murmur by placing your ear to a cat’s chest either. Learning how to detect a heart murmur in a cat takes a trained ear and experience. How you would even know to be concerned a cat has a heart murmur is remarkable. Nonetheless, if you are concerned about a heart murmur, then take the steps below to detect it. Heart murmurs can be dangerous, but a cat can also live with one.

Cats are great pets. Some folks could care less about them and would rather have a dog. Others swear by them for their independence and quirkiness. Either way, they, too, need care and if you suspect a heart murmur, then you should take steps to have it looked into. This article will make the suggestion that you do as well as discuss how you should go about doing it.

Things you will need:

  • Cat
  • Veterinarian

How to detect a heart murmur in a cat:

  1. If you suspect your cat has a heart murmur, then see a veterinarian. Veterinarians are professionals trained for the care of animals. Cats are no different and require professional care. A veterinarian can provide that much needed care.
  2. Find a veterinarian and seek her assistance. Take your cat in and have him checked over. This is good practice, anyway, for the cat’s well-being. A veterinarian will be able to detect a heart murmur through observation using a stethoscope.
  3. This is the wisest choice. See a veterinarian and let them care for your cat and detect the heart murmur. That is all it takes to detect a heart murmur in a cat.



There are common signs that your cat may have a heart murmur. If your cat seems to have slowed down, is always tired or is just not as playful, this may be an indication. Other signs such as a change in the color of her ears (inside) gums or even tongue may show signs of blood not getting to these areas as much as it should. If you notice any of these signs, it does not mean a heart murmur exists, but it certainly needs to be looked at by a professional. 



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