How To Detect Lump In Testicle

Testicular cancer is rare, but it is very important for all men to learn how to detect lumps in a testicle. It is always better to detect testicular cancer early, because there are treatments for it. It is simple to detect lumps, and by following the simple tips below, you will be helping yourself be healthier. If you feel anything that you consider might be a lump, don't risk it, and be sure to visit a doctor as soon as possible.

To learn how to detect a lump in a testicle, you will need:

  • a hot bath or shower
  1. You should check for lumps in your testicles in a hot bath, or while taking a shower. The hot water will soften the scrotum and make it easier to feel lumps in your testicle.
  2. Start your self-exam for lumps in your balls by observing your scrotum. Make sure that there are no lumps on the skin, or any types of swelling.
  3. Hold your scrotum loosely from below, in your hand. Cradle your balls gently in your hand. You will notice a difference in the size and the weight of your testicles. This is considered normal.
  4. Continue examining your testicles for lumps by gently rolling them between your fingers. You should be checking for any bumps or rice feeling bumps on you testicles. Both testicles should be smooth except where there is a duct.
  5. If you feel any abnormality when you are trying to detect a lump in your testicle, you should see a doctor immediately. Don't be shy. Doctors see patients concerning this problem all the time.
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