How To Detect Semen

Learning how to detect semen is not as hard as you may think. If  you want to detect semen, weather it be in you own home to find out if your wife is cheating or in a hotel room so you can sleep easily on clean sheets, you have a couple different options.

  1. You can purchase a kit. If you suspect your wife of having an affair there may be a way for you to tell for sure and put your mind at ease. You can purchase a kit online called Checkmate. It works because in the female body a natural cleansing happens automatically called flow back. This process occurs in the 72 hours after having unprotected sex, even after showering. Simply collect her underwear and test it with this kit. Because it tests for semen and not sperm, it will detect another man, even if he has had a vasectomy. Make sure when you are testing it has been longer than seventy-two hours since the two of you have had sex, it would not be good for anyone to wrongly accuse your wife of cheating.
  2. Buy a black light. The easiest way to detect semen would be to buy a black light you can find at most super stores. They are very popular around Halloween time but if you look hard enough you can find them at anytime during the year. Gather the clothing that you suspect to have semen on and look with your naked eye first for any stains. When you have found a questionable spot take your black light and run it along the entire area about six inches away. If there is a semen stain it will appear as a yellowish color stain. Make sure to only try the black light on freshly laundered clothing. If there is something that is oil-based on the clothing it can show up as the same pale yellow color. The difference is that once the clothes have been washed the semen does not go away.
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