How To Detect A Testicular Tumor

Learn about how to detect a testicular tumor to protect your health. Tumors of the testes can be benign, which means they are not cancerous, or malignant, which means they are cancerous. It's important to detect a testicular tumor when it is small to get treatment. A testicular tumor can occur in one testicle or in both testes. Early treatment is key to a successful outcome.

To detect a testicular tumor, you will need:

  • Baseline of what your scrotum and testicles feel like
  • Routine schedule to check for tumors
  1. Know what your testicles feel like. To know what is normal for you, feel your scrotum and each testicle to know what they feel like without tumors. In this way, you can have a baseline from which to know if something is not normal down the road.
  2. Check for lumps. Just like women are recommended to check for lumps in their breasts regularly, men should also check for lumps in the testes. Feel the scrotum and each testicle at least once a month. Any extra growth should be noted.
  3. Check for a difference in your testicles. If one or both testicles have grown, this may be a sign of a testicular tumor. If your testicles feel different in any way, this may be the sign of a testicular tumor.
  4. Check for pain. If one or both testicles or your scrotum area feels painful, this can be a sign of a testicular tumor.
  5. Visit a doctor. If you have any of the symptoms of a testicular tumor, see your doctor. To be safe, your doctor can do further tests to determine if you do indeed have a testicular tumor. Early treatment is your best defense.
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