How to Determine Baseball Glove Size

Before you go shopping for a baseball glove, you need to know how to determine the baseball glove size. Baseball gloves come in both youth and adult sizes. When you measure a baseball glove you need to take into account if the glove is for a youth or adult, because youth gloves are smaller scale. In other words, if a glove is size twelve youth, a size twelve adult will not be the same.

Here are a few steps that will help you learn how to determine baseball glove size:

  1. You'll need a flexible measuring tape. The reason is because you want the tape to bend down into the glove. You won't get an accurate measurement of the baseball glove with a hard wooden ruler.
  2. You have to know where to start your measurement. In order to get the most accurate measurement, you start at the highest point of the glove. Usually the index finger or on some gloves, the top center of the pocket.
  3. Measure. Once you've got your starting point, run the flexible measuring tape down into the glove. Run it, as straight as you can, along the inside of the baseball glove, until you get to the bottom near the heal of the hand.
  4. You're finished! Look closely at he number on the tape. That will be the baseball glove size.

Having a correctly fitted glove can make a big difference in the way someone plays baseball. An incorrectly sized glove will cause the player to miss plays he/she would normally make with ease. Following these four quick and simple steps to determine baseball glove size will save you headaches and trips to return an incorrectly sized baseball glove.

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