How To Determine Ruptured Appendix

Knowing how to determine a ruptured appendix will be easy because of the severity of the pain. The poisons within the appendix float to other parts of the abdomen in a condition called peritonitis, which is caused by a ruptured appendix. Both go hand-in-hand medically. The pain may go away at first, but will return because the entire abdominal wall is irritated and inflamed.

  1. The pain goes away for a short period only to return. When the pain returns, it gets worse. The abdomen is rigged and you may feel very sick and need to go to the hospital. This is how you know if your appendix has ruptured. You will not be able to bend over or you can hardly move out of a lying position because of severe abdominal pain.
  2. Fever and chills are severe. Your body's temperature will rise above 101 degrees and you will sweat profusely because of the fever and pain. These symptoms mark the know-how that the appendix has ruptured and hospital treatment is necessary. An ambulance will need to be called.
  3. You will be nauseous and the nausea will not go away. You will complain that you feel sick and need to go the hospital. You may feel like vomiting and have dry heaves if you are already dehydrated. Because of the severity of the illness and symptoms, you can be sure your appendix has ruptured.
  4. Chills are another sign of sepsis, which means that the infection has spread throughout the body. This is preceded by a ruptured appendix. Treatment for this is needed immediately.
  5. Vomiting blood is another symptom that will indicate the appendix has ruptured. The intestinal contents are entering the esophagus and reflux is occurring. This symptom is the worst symptom of a ruptured appendix.

A ruptured appendix is a serious medical condition in which you need medical help immediately. This is a cause for dialing 911 and an ambulance trip to the hospital. You'll need antibiotics, oxygen, intravenous fluids as well as surgery.

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