How To Determine Softball Glove Size

How to determine softball glove size is a breeze when you know what features to look for. Each player has different needs. It also depends on what position you are playing. A catcher’s mitt is completely different than a glove that a player uses for third base and vice versa. Therefore, each player will need to find the perfect glove size for their hand size and fielding abilities.

There are certain features you should look for when searching for the perfect softball glove. Two important features that will help you to learn how to determine softball glove size are the size of your hand and the position you are playing. It is important to pay close attention to these features when you are trying on different softball gloves.

Follow these tips to when you want to learn how to determine softball glove size:

  1. Take a trip to the sporting goods store. Go to the department where they have softball equipment.
  2. Take a look at the softball gloves. Find a few gloves that look like they are a tad bit bigger than the size of your hand. This means gloves that are about three to four inches longer than the length of your hand.
  3. Try on the gloves you have chosen. You will know if one is too tight when you place your hand inside the glove.
  4. A glove that is too small will not allow you to move your hand freely while it is inside the glove. A glove that is too big will feel like your hand gets lost inside the glove. It may also feel heavy. 
  5. The perfect glove size for your hand fits snugly inside the glove, without having too much room while it is inside the glove. It also allows you to have good control of your grip. Your glove should never feel too bulky or flimsy.
  6. To makes sure you have the best glove size, find a softball in the store. Take one hand and throw it inside the pocket. Are you able to catch the ball? If so, then that is the perfect glove for you.

Follow these helpful tips when learning how to determine softball glove size and you will find the perfect glove.


Softball Glove Sizing

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