How To Determine Your Mizuno Shoe Size

Knowing how to determine your Mizuno shoe size can be simple with a few steps.  Mizuno is a Japanese company that specializes in athletics, including footwear in this segment.  If you are looking to determine your shoe size for a Mizuno pair of shoes, take the following considerations into account.

  1. Take general points into account.  Normally Mizuno shoe sizes run small, according to common wisdom from people and retailers of Mizuno shoes.  Most retailers recommend buying a half size smaller than what you would normally purchase.  Of course, take into account what you normally buy in terms of shoes, such as if you typically buy shoes that run large or small.
  2. Try on Mizuno shoes in a store.  Perhaps the easiest way to determine your Mizuno shoe size is the direct method, by going into a store.  Although the store may or may not have the shoe you would like to purchase, at the very least you can determine how the shoes fit on your feet from the company.  Try on more than one pair to account for any differences in the styles of Mizuno shoes.
  3. Order the Mizuno shoes online.  There are an increasing number of online shoe retailers that offer free shipping and even return shipping.  Depending on the website, you could order a pair and then see how they fit, or even order the shoes you would like in two or three different sizes.  Sending the shoes back may be the greatest inconvenience to you in this case, which is reasonable to get the shoes you want that will fit from Mizuno.
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