How To Detox Naturally From Prescription Drugs

Knowing how to detox naturally from prescription drugs can be an invaluable tool for some individuals. Many treatments may focus on pharmacological interventions and/or other undesired methods, but this isn't always required to detox from prescription drugs. Natural detox can be just as effective and contrary to popular belief, may not be anymore unpleasant than other treatments for addiction. However, there are a few crucial facts that he should be aware of before trying to detox from prescription drugs naturally.

  1. COLD TURKEY. Quitting immediately, also known as "cold turkey", may not always be the best idea and should be based on the severity and/or duration of the addiction. Shock, seizures, and hallucinations can occur in some individuals attempting this particular method of natural detox for prescription drugs. In some cases, death has even been known to occur. Those that wish to go cold turkey may want to do so in a setting in which they can be monitored by medical professionals.
  2. GRADUAL STEPS. To detox naturally from prescription drugs without medical supervision, you may choose to gradually do so over a period of time. This is done by decreasing the amount of the drug, letting the body adjust, and decreasing the amount again. This method can be somewhat difficult and often will require other measures.
  3. SUPPORT. Gaining support is absolutely necessary, especially when trying to detox gradually from prescription drugs. Professional counseling, group or individual, can be effective in coping with the addiction. Those who gain support are more likely to succeed in detox efforts. Family, friends, and religious organizations can also be useful support tools.
  4. DISTRACTION. Getting involved in something else. Finding something to distract when the urge strikes should be a priority. Physical activities, hobbies, or making a phone call may be able to help him over the hump when trying to detox naturally.
  5. HELP. Knowing when to ask for help is necessary. Detox can be excruciating and employing the help of a facility may be best for some individuals. There are natural detox facilities for prescription drug abuse and these services are confidential.


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