How To Detox From Prescribed Pain Medication

If you've had an illness or injury it's important to know how to detox from prescribed pain medication as your health improves.  The detox procedures for prescribed pain medications can vary a lot based on the type of medication, the dose you are taking, and the amount of time you have used it, so you should consult with the prescribing doctor before you stop using your prescribed medication and begin a detox.

  1. Talk to your prescribing doctor about this process and get expert advice.  Continue to monitor your progress with your doctor as you decrease your use of prescribed medication and detox your body from the effects of the medicines.
  2. Make a clear schedule for the full length of the detoxify program.  Your doctor may advise that you reduce your use slowly or replace certain prescription medications with others.  All of this will depend on the strength of the medication you have been taking and the length of time you have used it.
  3. Gradually begin a routine exercise regimen under the supervision of your doctor.  Exercise will help strengthen your body and is proven to reduce stress.  Sweating also helps to detox the body of chemical waste.  You should also drink lots of water and eat a well-balanced diet high in Omega-3.
  4. Use relaxation techniques to help your pain management.  Breathing techniques for relaxation can help ease pain and stress as you detox your body from prescription medications. 
  5. Seek alternative pain treatments and detoxification.  Once you have ceased use of all prescription medication and you are cleared by your doctor you can consider some alternative methods of pain management and body detoxification.  Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine techniques and herbs have been used for centuries to treat pain and restore and maintain liver health.

Once you have successful stopped using all prescription pain medication you can continue to detoxify your body and improve your liver function.  See these resources for more information on detoxifying your body from prescription pain medications:


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