How Did Brad Pitt Become An Actor?

How did Brad Pitt become an actor? He hasn't always been one of the most recognizable male faces in the world. He started from the bottom just like everyone else. After deciding that journalism wasn't for him at the University of Missouri, Pitt (whose real name is William Bradley Pitt) headed to California from his home town of Shawnee, Oklahoma to suffer countless failed auditions and minimum-wage work in Los Angeles. Brad Pitt began studying with acting coach Roy London and began making television appearances on programs such as "Thirtysomething," "The Images" and "21 Jump Street."

Appearing on the TV series "Dallas" began Brad Pitt's professional career which led him to other early TV roles such as an episode of the sitcom "Growing Pains" and also a made-for-TV-movie opposite the then 17 year-old Juliet Lewis. Brad Pitt would later meet up with Lewis again as they co-stared in the 1993 hit "Kalifornia." His big screen debut came in 1987 in an uncredited role within the film "No Man's Land" with Charlie Sheen as the title character. 

From there, Brad Pitt gained more walk-on TV roles until his role in "Thelma & Louise" shot him to stardom and, as some would say, granted him instant sex-symbol status. "Thelma and Louise" may have brought him fame but it was Pitt's role in "A River Runs Through It" that granted him credibility as more than just another good looking actor. A successful personal life and also Brad Pitt's many humanitarian efforts continue to contribute to his success as an actor. Pitt has also been voted People Magazine's "World's Sexiest Man Alive" twice.


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