How Did Dermot Mulroney Meet New Girlfriend?

If you are wondering, how did Dermot Mulroney meet his new girlfriend, you are not alone. The star and his lady friend, Tharita Catulle, have been very tight lipped about their romance, and have not publicly shared the story of how or when he and his new girlfriend met.

Dermot Mulroney has starred in a number of romantic comedies over the years, including popular films like "The Wedding Date" and "My Best Friend's Wedding". These leading man roles, along with his movie star looks, are probably why people are curious about who he is dating now, and the story of how they met. It probably doesn't hurt that Mulroney is also a talented musician, and played the cello on a handful of albums and movie scores.

What is known is this: Dermot Mulroney was married to his previous partner, actress Catherine Keener from 1990 until their divorce in December of 2007. Did Dermot Mulroney meet his new girlfriend before or after his split with Keener? The couple has declined to answer, leaving fans to speculate on their own.

Dermot Mulroney and his girlfriend have two children together. Their daughter Mabel Ray Mulroney was born in April of 2008. Their daughter Mabel was baptized in Italy shortly after her birth. A number of photos have been published of Dermot Mulroney and his new girlfriend playing with their kids on the beach. They also have another child who was born in the summer of 2009. He has another child, Clyde Mulroney, from his marriage to Catherine Keener.

Fans may not be able to find out how Dermot Mulroney met is new girlfriend, but, that won't stop them from enjoying the star in his appearances such as the remake of "The Rockford Files" or movies like "Inhale".

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