How Did Serena Williams Default In The Us Open Tennis?

Are you wondering, "How did Serena Williams default in the US Open tennis? Serena Williams is one of the most celebrated women tennis players in the history of the sport so it can be confusing to many people as to how she defaulted in the US Open. Williams was up against Kim Clijsters of Belgium who by the way was unseeded in the tournament. As usual Williams was the favorite, so it is interesting how someone who is expected to win, defaults at the US Open.

Match Point. In her second set, Williams was called for a fault on both serves which resulted in her being called for a double fault. This seemed to press her buttons just enough because instead of stepping to the line to serve she stepped towards the line judge to confront her. With all those years of winning tournament after tournament, the last person that should be called on a double fault is Serena Williams. No matter how rare the fault may be, this shows that anyone, including Serena can be called on it.

Williams proceeded to threaten and yell profanities at the line judge. Serena is known for her strength, but, judging by the line judge’s reaction, she was not willing to take Serena up on her threats. The line judge reported Serena to the chair umpire and she was awarded a penalty point.

Since the game was at match point the unseeded Kim Clijsters was able to move on to the finals where she defeated Caroline Wozniacki. Serena William’s default at the US Open showed the many faults of superstar tennis players that are overshadowed by how fast their backhand zooms to the other side of the court or the many ads put out by players who have not won a Grand slam title in years.

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