How To Diet And Lose Weight

It can be difficult to know exactly how to diet and lose weight. That is partially because there is a lot of conflicting information in the news and media as to the best and most effective ways to do so. It's not only important to be able to lose weight, but to be able to do it healthfully. Also, if you don't do it in a healthy way, rather than turning to extreme dieting, you are more likely to keep the weight off.

  1. Count your calories. Most of weight loss is based on consuming or burning off more calories than you take in. To lose one pound of fat, you need to reduce your diet by 3500 calories. This can be done between dieting and also working out. However, diet is generally more important for weight loss. In order to obtain proper calorie counts, consider using an online site such as Another idea is to purchase a book on calorie-counting at the bookstore.

  2. Reduce your sugar consumption. As sugar is just empty calories, which usually don't fill you up well, reducing the consumption will also help reduce calories. Also, sugar can spike your blood sugar and insulin levels. This can lead to you actually being hungrier later. Replace the sugar with healthy fruit such as berries or citrus fruit.

  3. Eat plenty of protein and healthy fats. Protein is an essential building block for our bodies. It is important for building muscle. In addition, it has the added benefit of keeping you full longer than carbohydrates. While it may seem counter-intuitive, healthy fats such as olive oil and avocados are helpful when you are dieting. They nourish your skin and hair, add flavor to food and will keep you full. Staying full when you are trying to lose weight is ideal as it prevents you from hunger eating bad foods.

Tips: Drink eight glasses of water per day.

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