How To Diet For Anemia

How to diet for anemia is an important function to learn because anemia means that there is not enough of the protein hemoglobin, folic acid, vitamin B12, and bilirubin in your red  blood cells to carry oxygen to  your entire body from your lungs.  It takes iron to make hemoglobin, so if you do not have sufficient iron in your blood due to a lack of enough iron in your diet or from blood loss, you are anemic.  A simple blood test can be done to diagnose anemia, and other tests can find out what is causing the anemia.
  1. Iron-rich foods that you can eat.  For instance, dark leafy greens are excellent since they have fiber and other vital nutrients including iron.  Kale, collard greens, and broccoli are great.  Another is spinach, which is a lot more beneficial than ice burg lettuce. 
  2. A small amount of meat.  Meat gives the best iron absorption eaten along with fresh green leafy vegetables.
  3. Seafood is another source rich in iron, also best when eaten along leafy greens to combat anemia.
  4. Beans are full of iron, especially lima and kidney beans.  
  5. Dried fruits and nuts are surprising good sources of iron.  
  6. Whole grains in breads and cereals fortified with iron are excellent. 
  7. Blackstrap molasses and wheat germ are surprising sources of iron. 
  8. Avocados and melon are also good suppliers.  
  9. Citrus fruits and juices and other sources of Vitamin C such as tomatoes and oranges help your body absorb iron and beat anemia.  A supplement can also have the same function.
  10. Avoid foods that block iron absorption such as milk, coffee, tea, egg whites, bran, and soy protein  However, dandelion leaves are rich in iron and can be made into an interesting tea and defeat anemia.
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