How To Diet On A Budget

Too many people put off losing weight because they do not know how to diet on a budget. Dieting does not have to cost a fortune if you know ways to save money. Here are some simple steps you can use to lose weight even on the tightest of budgets.

  1. Reduce the portions you eat to save money and your waistline. One of the easiest ways to diet on a budget is to stop eating as much. Eating less will naturally reduce the number of calories you consume and your grocery bill. Start measuring out your portions and start loosing weight and saving money.
  2. Drink water or unsweetened tea instead of diet soda. Diet soda can be expensive if you drink it frequently. Why not switch to water or unsweetened tea? You can always add a lemon or a little artificial sweetener if you need a different taste.
  3. Create your own 100 calorie snack packs. Prepackaged 100 calorie snack packs are a convenient but expensive way to loose weight. You can make your own snack packs when dieting on a budget. Simply find out how much of your favorite snack will equal 100 calories. Put an equal portion into sandwich bags for when you are on the go. It is cheaper and provides you with unlimited snack options.
  4. Purchase boneless skinless chicken thighs instead of chicken breasts for cheap, healthy protein. Boneless skinless chicken breasts are in many of the recipes dieters rely on. If you are dieting on a budget, you can get substitute boneless skinless chicken thighs that cost much less yet provide almost identical nutrition.
  5. Purchase frozen fruits and vegetables if what you need is not in season. Though fresh fruits and vegetables are best, the frozen variety can provide the low calorie food you need for much less. So unless the vegetables or fruit you need is in season, take a look at the frozen food section to save money.
  6. Use coupons on diet convenience foods. If you would like to try frozen diet meals or a shake plan, be sure to take advantage of available coupons. Companies that produce diet convenience food are always fighting for your dollar and one way they do this is for coupons. If you intend on using a particular brand, make sure you look for coupons for it first.
  7. Stick to soup and salad combinations or kids meals when eating out. You will likely need to eat out every now and then and eating healthy in a restaurant can get expensive. Instead of ordering an expensive entrée, try ordering soup and salad, which is typically cheaper. If soup and salad does not sit well with your taste buds, try ordering off the kids menu. The portions and prices are smaller, which will save you calories and money.



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