How To Diet For Diarrhea

To be prepared, in sickness and in health, you should know how to diet for diarrhea. Everyone in all walks of life will suffer from what can be a dehydrating, potential debilitating condition. Knowing what or what not to eat can help put you back on the path to good health.

  1. The first thing to do when you start to diet for diarrhea is to add in a profuse amount of water to your diet. With each bout of diarrhea, your body sheds water, so adding in eight to ten glasses of water a day is crucial. Supplement your water intake with juices (with the exception of prune juice), light clear broths (such as consomme), Gatorade or JELL-O. Don't imbibe in alcoholic drinks or an overload of caffeine while you have diarrhea.
  2. Knowing what foods to stay away from during your diarrhea illness will help heal your body quicker. Diarrhea can be triggered by eating a lot of fatty foods so limit fats during diarrhea illnesses. Also, avoid dairy products, such as milk or ice cream to speed healing. Certain fruits, such as cantaloupe and watermelon, can also trigger diarrhea so limit your diet on fruits. Stay away from any fried foods or high fat meats or desserts.
  3. To diet for diarrhea, the addition of certain foods to your diet will speed up the forming of firmer stools. Follow the "BRATTY" diet plan which is a diet filled with bananas, rice, apples, toast, weak tea, and yogurt. These foods, particularly when eaten together, may help for firmer stools.
  4. While you diet for diarrhea, cut your intake of fiber. Normally, you should have 25 grams of fiber a day, but you should reduce the amount to just five grams or so while diarrhea persists. This means that you can peel the apple to avoid the fiber in the skin, or choose a white bread over whole wheat.

If diarrhea persists for more than two days or is severe and frequent, consult your doctor. Side effects of severe diarrhea can stress your internal organs and create undue stress upon your bowel and kidneys.

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