How To Diet For Gastritis

You want to know how to diet for Gastritis. Gastritis is an inflammation of the lining of the stomach. Gastritis can make your stomach hurt. You can feel full or bloated after only a few bites of food. You may be constipated. In extreme cases, you may have heartburn. You may burp up and taste acid in your mouth. Gastritis is not fun and it affects many people. Eating the right diet can help you control the effects of Gastritis.

  1. You go to the doctor and he tells diagnoses you with Gastritis. Depending on the severity of the Gastritis, he puts you on a diet and prescribes you medicine to lessen the affects. You landed in the doctor’s office for a reason, so it is time for you to change your diet.
  2. Some people believe it is good to fast for a couple days as a diet prelude for Gastritis. This fasting consists of one of two days of no food and plenty of water. The fasting can lessen the effects of Gastritis for those two days. However, with extreme cases of Gastritis, fasting will do you little or no good.
  3. If you have Gastritis, it is recommended you drink eight to ten glasses of water a day to lessen the effects of Gastritis. Drinking eight to ten glasses of water a day will also keep you hydrated and in better genuine health. Drink little or no alcohol. Alcohol can make your Gastritis worse. Some Gastritis is causes by too much alcohol consumption. Get rid of this bad habit. While you are at it, quit smoking.
  4. If you have Gastritis, it is time to quit eating spicy foods. Spicy foods will make your Gastritis worse. You should lessen your consumption of chocolate. Chocolate can give you a Gastritis attack. Tea and Coffee are two drinks you should not drink. Soda pop is acidic and should be avoided. Condiments should be used sparingly. Tomatoes and sauces should be avoided because of their high spice content. Stay away from rich cakes, pastries, ice-cream, and other delicious treats. These are some of the things a person with Gastritis should not eat or drink. Do not eat too much red meat. Do not drink too much milk.
  5. A person with Gastritis should eat a good healthy meal. Vegetables are great, although some vegetables will give you gas. Eat healthy fish and poultry foods, the less fat the better. A person with Gastritis should eat frozen yogurt instead of ice-cream. A person with Gastritis should eat plenty of yogurts. Yogurt has natural digestive products in it that will help your body digest the food.
  6. Coconut water is a good natural help against the effects of Gastritis. You can find coconut water in many stores and health food stores.
  7. Do not eat large meals if you have Gastritis. It is better for you to eat four to six small meals during the day. Large meals will make you feel bloated and your stomach will hurt you. Chew your food well and eat slowly. Help your digestion before the food reaches your stomach.
  8. A person with Gastritis should eat foods rich in fiber. Fiber will help your body digest food. Fiber will also help you get rid or constipation and live a more normal life.


  • A healthy diet is always encouraged
  • Get rid of bad eating and drinking habits
  • Stay away from foods (chocolate) that trigger attacks
  • Red meat is bad for the Gastritis patient
  • Drink plenty of water
  • Follow your diet or you will suffer
  • Follow your diet because Gastritis can get worse and lead to other health problems like stomach cancer
  • Fiber is your friend
  • Yogurt is your friend
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