How To Diet For Kidney Stones

Are you wondering how to diet for kidney stones? First, your physician will need to determine the type of kidney stone you have. Depending on the type of kidney stone you have, you may be able to adjust your dietary habits to prevent the recurrence of kidney stones. Make sure to check with your physician before beginning any new diet.

  1. For calcium oxalate stones, increase your liquid intake. By diluting your urine you prevent the formation of kidney stones. Drink plenty of liquids, including water and sugar-free or low-sugar lemonade. Two or more quarts of urine output daily is needed to maintain health.
  2. Increase insoluble fiber in your diet to deal with kidney stones. Rice, barley, wheat and rye fit into the insoluble fiber category. Increasing this fiber may reduce calcium in the urine.
  3. Increase potassium-rich foods. Fruits and vegetables containing potassium should be increased to aid in a diet for kidney stone control.
  4. Regulate your calcium intake. Cheese, yogurt, waffles, ice cream, milk, molasses and oatmeal contain calcium, which is needed to prevent calcium from being taken from your bones. The amount of calcium intake your body needs is determined by your age and sex. If a calcium-controlled diet is recommended by your physician as part of a diet to control kidney stones, make sure to follow it.
  5. Dietary reduction suggestions. Reduce or eliminate foods high in oxalate, including a lot of meat (especially red meat), some fruits and vegetables, wheat bran, tea, peanut oil, cocoa, chocolate, nuts, sodium, sugar and soft drinks.
  6. For uric acid stones, reduce the amount of animal proteins and purines in your diet. Regulating or reducing your consumption of fish, shellfish and organ meats in meals will help reduce acid buildup.
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