How To Diet For Stomach Ulcers

Learn here how to diet for stomach ulcers. Learn what an ulcer is and what caused your ulcer, and then learn how to treat your ulcer with your diet. There is nothing as bothersome or painful as a stomach ulcer, but stomach ulcers can be treated easily by following the steps below.

  1. What is a stomach ulcer? An ulcer is a sore on the digestive tract lining. There are many types of ulcers: peptic, duodenal (the most common type), gastric and esophageal. The digestive tract consists of intestines, duodenum, stomach and esophagus.
  2. How do you get an ulcer? The jury is still out on the real cause of ulcers, but stress is not the number-one cause as many think. Ulcers are mostly caused by an infection from the bacteria germ Helicobacter pylori, or H. pylori for short. Doctors also think that an acidic diet which leads to inflammation is most likely a second degree cause.
  3. Stomach ulcer guidelines. The basic guidelines for a stomach ulcer diet are to have several small meals a day and three additional snacks. Do not become hungry and do not overeat either. Find a place where you can relax and enjoy your meals and eat slowly.  Never eat two hours before bedtime and sit up when you eat.
  4. Eat a healthy diet. A diet for treating a stomach ulcer is not perfect for everyone. Some will react well to normal foods and others need to adjust their diet more. A perfect diet for ulcer patients would consist of fruits, vegetables, low-fat milk, proteins and bland foods. The perfect fruits are bananas, mangoes, musk melons and dates. Avoid all citrus fruits. Remember, avoid all tomato products when on an ulcer diet.  Do not eat raw fruits and veggies for the first two weeks and never fry your food.
  5. Whole wheat bread. You will need to get fiber daily. Fiber can come from whole wheat bread and fruits. Whole wheat bread can come in many forms, from toast to English muffins. Make sure to read labels and be sure of what you are eating.
  6. Dairy products. Many old wives' tales told of how milk would calm an ulcer, but that is not true. Low-fat milks are good on stomach ulcer diets, and the best milk is goat’s milk. For people who cannot tolerate goat’s milk or low-fat milk, try making some very easy almond milk. Homemade milk is better than store-bought any day.
  7. Cut down on caffeine. Some doctors tell you to avoid caffeine altogether and some will tell you just to limit your consumption. It is best to cut it out altogether if you can, but many patients will have withdrawal headaches and other symptoms. The best advice is to withdraw slowly and avoid all carbonated soft drinks.
  8. Protein is a must. Try to have protein with every meal. Protein can come in the form of low-fat cheese, milk or animal protein. Stay away from high-fat protein and go with a leaner cut of meat when possible.
  9. Forget the spices. A quick way to aggravate an ulcer is with a spicy meal. All spices should be avoided; eat plain meals only. Pepper, cayenne, paprika, curry and turmeric are all enemies to stomach ulcer patients.
  10. Don’t smoke. Yes, you must give up smoking to be able to treat your ulcer. Smoking is bad for almost every disease under the moon. Giving up smoking will literally save your life.
  11. Do not use anti-inflammatory drugs. Do not use aspirin or ibuprofen or any anti-inflammatory drugs. Avoid antacids unless necessary and only take as directed on the bottle. It is better to take grape seeds for inflammation. You can buy red grape seeds, grind them and place them in vegetarian capsules.
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