How To Direct Message On Twitter

Want to know how to direct message on Twitter? When sending your thoughts out into Twitter World, 140 characters at a time, remember that anyone can go to your profile and see every tweet you have made. Followers get your thoughts and messages in real-time. If you @reply someone, followers of you both will see every word. But some things are meant to be more private. Those tweets need to be sent as a direct message or DM. Different sites and applications have different ways to direct message on Twitter.

How to Direct Message on Twitter

  1. Go directly to the person's Twitter profile. Look at the column to the right. Where it gives you options to block or report the user for spam, there should also be an option to message the user, if that person is following you. Click that to be taken to your messaging box. Type in your message of 140 characters or less, then click Send.
  2. Go to your homepage and look on the right for "Direct Messages." Click here to be taken to your inbox. Reply to someone by clicking reply. Compose a new message by going up top where the status box usually is. You will see a pull-down menu from which you can choose a follower to DM. If you receive email notifications from people sending you a direct message, you will be able to click directly from your email to reply to that person via DM.
  3. Direct Message from your phone via text message. Set up your phone to send and receive direct messages on Twitter. Then when you wish to send someone a direct message via text message, text D, followed by the person's name, and then your message, all under 140 characters, and send it to the Twitter number.
  4. Direct Message from HootSuite or TweetDeck, like sending a text message from your phone. Simply go to the status box, type D, then the person's user name, and your message. On HootSuite, click send. On TweetDeck hit enter, and the message is sent.
  5. Direct Message on HootSuite or TweetDeck from a person's tweet. On HootSuite, place the mouse over the tweet, and click the envelope picture, which is the second icon that pops up on the top right of the tweet. On TweetDeck, place the mouse over the person's profile picture on his tweet. Also click the envelope icon to have your DM started.

Sending a direct message on Twitter is actually quite simple. Use it to prevent the prying eyes of the world from reading your personal and private thoughts and comments to someone.

Tips and Warnings:

  • Remember that you cannot direct message someone who is not following you. If it is imperative that you send a direct message, you can @reply that person and ask.
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