How Dirty Underwear Affects Men’s Health

Contrary to popular belief, it is important to know how dirty underwear affects men's health. Failing to wear clean undergarments is not only deemed unacceptable in today's society, but can contribute to illness. Men considering wearing those skivvies for a few more days should probably think twice.

  1. How Dirty Underwear Affects Men's Health Dirty underwear can and often is a breeding ground for all sorts of microbes. The groin area is a particularly warm and moist area, this allows an environment for microorganisms to thrive and grow. Dirty underwear affects men's health using this mechanism because the individual is exposed to an even greater amount of bacteria. This can result in an embarrassing infection that could have been avoided. Men that are uncircumcised, don't wash the pubic region often or well, and those that already have an infection are even more at risk for a fungal or bacterial infection.
  2. Contamination Dirty underwear can cause health concerns to more than just the groin area through direct contamination. Bacteria such as E. coli is considered norma flora, or normal bacteria that serves a purpose in the digestive system. However, when this particular bacteria is found in other areas of the body, illness can and does often occur. Dirty underwear affects men's health by exposing the individual to this strain of bacteria and others that can be potentially harmful outside of the digestive and urinary tract. Cross-contamination can easily occur while digging through the hamper for underwear and the majority of individuals do not wash hands after dressing.

Dirty underwear affects men's health in various ways. Those who fail to wear clean underwear may also be skimping on other forms of hygiene as well, making them more susceptible to illness in general.

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