How To Disable Shopping Cart

Ok you supermarket pranksters and you shopping mall tricksters, lets learn how to disable a shopping cart. You've got to be a sick minded group of guys to want to learn how to disable a shopping cart. What is it? Do you get joy out of watching granny struggle with her groceries? Maybe you like to watch the poor little minimum wage making pimply faced kid trying to push a row of disabled shopping carts through the parking lot of your favorite supermarket.  It's the people like you, the troublemakers that get joy out of making someone's shopping experience a burden. As if the long lines and annoying people weren't enough. The normal folks out there have to deal with disabled shopping carts too? Luckily, we like your style. Here's how to disable a shopping cart. Of course you realize this is all for fun. Don't be an idiot and go do it.

  1. The front wheels. The most annoying thing that can happen to those damn shopping carts is to have one of the wheels lock up. It never fails. When the cart is filled to the brim with various food items and other condiments, and the cart weighs about 300 pounds, one of those pesky little wheels decides to go on break. Yeah it sucks when it's you, but it can be a great source of comedy if we're watching it happen to someone else. so, your task is to tinker with one of those front wheels. You can take a hammer and bang the side of the wheel and try to jam it so it doesn't move at all. Or, you can take a ratchet and loosen the wheel so that it spins uncontrollably. Either way, the poor victim using the disabled shopping cart will have a hell of a time pushing it in a straight line.
  2. The back wheels. If total lack of usability is your goal, you need to take out the back wheels. The front wheels are on a swivel so you can turn a cart. If you want to disable a shopping cart from any forward movement what so ever, you need to jam the back wheels. The hammer or ratchet (to tighten the wheel too much) can be used. If you take these wheels out, that cart isn't going anywhere.
  3. The coin holder. You've seen those coin holders on the newer shopping carts. These holders lock a group of carts together with a chain that connects to each cart. In order to get your particular cart you have to deposit a coin to release the lock. Can you sense the impending debauchery here? You can take out multiple carts with this approach. All you have to do is disable the locking mechanism. If you can't deposit a coin, you can't get to the cart… Or to the subsequent carts behind the first one. Find something to plug up the coin slot and you've effectively disabled at least two shopping carts. 
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