How To Disable Uac

If you hate having to enter a password, then you should know how to disable UAC. User Account Control (UAC) is a safety device that prompts for a password when making important changes. Many people like to temporarily disable the User Account Control when establishing new software programs. Continue reading to find out how to disable UAC.

To disable UAC, you will need:

  • Computer with Microsoft operating system
  • Administrator password
  1. Initiate power. Turn on the computer as the first action in how to disable UAC. Log on to Microsoft and wait for all starting programs to finish loading before continuing.
  2. Access controls. Click the "Start" button to display a listing while performing the how to disable UAC task. Search for and locate the "Control Panel" option and select it before continuing.
  3. Find accounts. After the control panel screen opens, look for the "User Accounts" wording and icon as you continue the how to disable UAC chore. Make sure to click on the button to access the next step.
  4. Continue instructions. Explore the User Accounts window as an important action when learning how to disable UAC. Click on the "Turn User Account Control On or Off" choice and enter the administration password.
  5. That was it! You have completed the how to disable UAC process. To activate the User Account Control, repeat steps 1 to 4 and uncheck or select the "Turn User Account Control On or Off" again. Select "OK" to turn the UAC on again.


The above instructions are for Windows Vista operating system.



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