How To Disassemble a MTX Subwoofer

In time, MTX subwoofers, like any other subwoofers, will need some repairing or internal checking, thus knowing how to disassemble a MTX subwoofer properly is not a bad idea to learn to avoid damaging your subwoofer. Subwoofers are large speakers which are made to reproduce really low bass sounds. It magnifies the low frequencies which adds to the pounding sound of the music and makes it livelier.

What you need:

  • Screwdrivers

  • Knife or Pointed scissors

  • Adhesive Solvent

  • Working Gloves

  • Container (for the solvent)

  • Small dish (for the screws, optional)

  • Rug (for cleaning or drying)

  1. Place the subwoofer in a clean or dry place. If you are repairing the MTX subwoofer, do it in a place where the subwoofer will not be damaged. Disassembling the MTX subwoofer, especially when it’s big in size, needs more caution because of its weight. You may also place a rug under on the surface of your work area before laying down the MTX subwoofer.

  2. Get the screw driver and remove all the screws. This is to remove the casing of the MTX subwoofer. Make sure you place all the screws in an area where you can easily find them or get a small dish to contain all of them.

  3. Use a knife or scissors to remove the rubber ring. It is either made of foam or rubber which is seen attached to the cone and the subwoofer’s frame.

  4. Remove the voice coil out carefully. Using the knife or scissors, carefully lift out the voice coil. Be careful not to scratch it or damage it since you’re using sharp pointed tools to remove it.

  5. Remove the speaker frame. Unscrew the frame starting from the top plate. Place them separately in a clean and dry surface.

  6. Cleaning the parts. Pour in some adhesive solvent in a container and soak in the magnet, the bottom of the frame and the plates. Allow the adhesive to be dissolved.

  7. Separating the subwoofer frame from the plates. Once the adhesive has been dissolved, then take the frame out and carefully separate the plates. Use a rug to dry them.

  8. Disassembling the magnet. This may take a little time so unscrewing the parts of the magnet may need several soaking in the adhesive solvent. Once done with the disassembling, lay the parts down on a rug and let them dry.


Tips and Warnings:

Wear working gloves at all times while disassembling the MTX subwoofer, specially when handling the adhesive solvent.

If you have a big subwoofer to work on you might need a hand to avoid accidents.

Use quality adhesive solvent ease the process and to save time and effort.

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