How To Disassemble A PS3 Properly

Learning how to disassemble a PS3 properly is not too hard. All that you need is a screwdriver and a Playstation 3 to work with, but you must be careful to ensure that you do not damage the video game console as you are taking it apart. 

To disassemble a PS3, you will need:

  • PS3
  • Small flathead screwdriver

How to Disassemble a PS3 Properly:

  1. First, find the warranty sticker on the bottom of the console off of the Playstation 3. Peel the sticker off of the machine.
  2. Beneath the sticker, there is a small screw. Using the screwdriver, take it out, and set it aside somewhere safe.
  3. The entire top of the machine (the side that says "Playstation 3") should slide off. Take the cover off, as without the screw, it is loose.
  4. There should be seven screws under where the cover was that hold the video game machine together. Unscrew these, and set them aside in a safe place.
  5. Once these are off, you can disassemble the machine safely. Take the CD drive, hard drive, and everything else that fits together apart, but remember how they were setup, as you will need to reassemble the PS3 properly to use it again. With some versions, you may need to remove a small, blue screw to be able to successfully take the hard drive out. Once you have disassembled your PS 3, make sure that you keep all of the parts safe and clean, or it will not function later, and its parts may not be salvaged for use rebuilding other consoles.

Learning how to disassemble a PS3 properly is not hard. Use a small flathead screwdriver to take out all of the screws, and then everything will come right apart after you have taken off the warranty sticker that allows you to access the screw that removes the cover of the PS3.

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