How To Disassemble A Samsung Subwoofer

When you learn how to disassemble a Samsung subwoofer, you will no longer have that need to be so reliant on a mechanic. Disassembling a subwoofer appears to be a relatively simple process but you have to be prepared to follow the steps.  

Some of the tools and aids you need include:

  • Eight wood screws
  • Plugging togs
  • Plastic separators
  • Insulated gloves
  1. Make sure there is no violation of the warranty. These are stringent terms and they refer to the process of altering equipment during repair. Many sellers will not touch the subwoofer once this has happened. It is up to the owner to ensure they are following warranty conditions that have come with the equipment.
  2. Removing the back covers on the Samsung subwoofer. Once there is some clearance on the use of the warranty, the back end can be removed for easy access to the programs. This has to be moved carefully to ensure no other part of the radio is damaged during the process.
  3. Dealing with the codes attached to the subwoofer. The codes will need to be unplugged on the Z-2300 system output. This is done in order to drain the capacitors and avoid the possibility of a serious accident. Use insulator gloves if there is a need to stick a hand into the 120 VAC transformers. This is one of the safety measures done in order to avoid an electric shock.
  4. Disengaging the grill on the subwoofer. The grill will need to be pried off the system; there will be some residual glue left over. A remover should be able to assist in the process. The glue tends to thicken as time passes; this means that it will be brittle and relatively easy to remove. Force must be regulated in order to avoid a continuation of the damage to the system.
  5. Use screws to complete the job on the subwoofer. The eight wooden screws are used to remove the central part of the apparatus. The wires are also disconnected in order to prepare the machine for the next installation. Watch out for the electricity at every point of the operation.
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