How To Discipline A Cat

Learn some valuable tips on how to discipline a cat without harming your feline mentally. Cats never forget and will never ever forget bad treatment. Learning how to discipline a cat is very easy to do and can be done with only a few supplies.

  1. Do No Harm. Never to hit a cat or harm a cat in any way. Cats will be frightened by the treatment and may not want to be close to you again. Cats will think of you as the enemy and may want to fight to protect themselves.
  2. Never Throw a Cat. Angry people do bad things sometimes and so do mischievous cats. If you see your cat on the kitchen counter eating your chicken dinner, never throw the cat off the counter. You may damage their insides and the cat may run away from home from the bad treatment. Gently sit the cat on the floor and make a disapproving sound.
  3. Never Shower a Cat Forcibly. Cats are horribly frightened of water and any burst of water may harm them forever. If your cat is filthy from a day of romping in the sand, wash him gently with a cloth and gradually try to introduce him to the water.
  4. Punish Immediately. It is important when disciplining cats to punish immediately so the cat will understand that the behavior is bad. Never push their noses in poop or pee, but use a technique they will never like. Clap your hands loudly and turn your back and do not speak. When the cat comes running to sit by you, turn your head.
  5. Spray Bottles Filled With Water. When cats are bad and need discipline, using a water bottle will work all the time. The trick is to have the water bottle with you when your cat does the crime. You cannot use a water bottle five minutes later.
  6. Scratching Posts. All cats like to scratch and if the cat doesn't have a place to scratch, he may use your brand new sofa. A good way to discipline your cat not to do this is to put a blanket over the end of the couch. Line the sofa with a soft blanket so it is protected and gently show your cat a nice cushy rug that can be used to scratch on.
  7. Clapping. Cats will run to you for forgiveness. Cats never want their “master or owner” angry. Your cat will try anything to make you happy, so when he is bad clap your hands very loud and in repetition. Works every time.
  8. Cat Talk. When angry with your cat, talk to them in cat talk (hissing, growling or even raising your hands and curving your fingers like claws). Look at them straight in the eyes and hiss. Disciplining a cat is fun.
  9. Rewards. When your cat is bad, discipline him and when he is good reward, him with a snack. When your cat is bad, do not give him a snack and turn your back to them. Before long, the cat will associate being bad with not receiving a snack. Every cat has a favorite treat and being deprived of the treat will hurt more than a cold, brisk shower.
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