How To Discipline A Dog

Many people can benefit from knowing how to discipline a dog, since many people have dogs that are simply unruly. To have a happier relationship with your pet, start your dog or puppy off right. You will find that you do not have to be mean to discipline a dog properly, and that trained dogs are happy dogs (with happy owners).

What you will need to discipline a dog:

  • A trainer or training guide
  • Some type of treat
  • A collar and leash for walks
  • Patience and persistence
  1. Train your dog from the start. If your puppy or dog gets used to doing whatever it wants in your home, it will be much harder to train in the long run. Just be sure that your dog knows the rules of the house first, otherwise your pet will never realize when it is behaving poorly.
  2. Come up with a training plan. Decide how you want to train your dog first, because if you provide inconsistent training, your puppy will just get confused. You should discipline a dog using a proven method, such as positive reinforcement or clicker training.
  3. Get a training guide or enroll in a professional dog discipline course to discipline a dog. If you feel very confused about how to discipline a dog, you may want to consider taking a training class with your dog. The trainer can alert you to what you are doing right and what you are doing wrong, and will provide you with the training that you will need to properly train your pet.
  4. Figure out what your dog responds to. Some dogs love food, others prefer toys, and some may just enjoy love and affection. Use your dog's favorite treat for the training process so that your dog has motivation to learn and behave.
  5. Be persistent and consistent with your training. Many dog owners try to train their dogs as puppies, but get lazy along the way and end up with dogs that misbehave regularly. To avoid having to discipline a dog twice or deal with an unruly dog, be consistent with your rules and make sure that your dog understands your expectations.
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