How To Disguise Your Voice

There are many different ways to learn how to disguise your voice. Many people assume that by learning how to disguise your voice, you will be able to execute pranks. While pranks are one reason to learn how to disguise your voice, there are also many practical reasons. Disguising your voice can be great for dressing up, disguising your identity and even disguising your gender. Purchasing a voice changing device is the best method, however it is not the only method to disguise your voice.

  1. Purchase a physical voice changer. Purchasing a voice changer is the easiest way to disguise your voice. Purchasing a voice changer is possible on the internet, in a prank shop and at other novelty stores and flea markets.
  2. Purchase a software voice changer. Purchasing a software based voice changer is great if you own a smartphone or portable computer. Purchase one of the many types of software voice changes available on the internet. Smartphone owners can easily find applications to change your voice both during calls and off calls.
  3. Change the pitch of your voice. Changing the pitch of your voice is a great alternative for those whom do not wish to buy a voice changer. If you are male, try changing the pitch of your voice by making it higher. Use words that are typical of women such as "totally" and "like", disguise the way you speak in addition to your voice. Women, do the exact opposite. Make your voice deeper and avoid using words typical to women such as "totally" and "like". Disguising your voice is not only about the pitch of your voice but the form of speaking.

Attempting to lower and higher the pitch of your voice is a great way to disguise your voice. Sometimes simply changing the pitch will not be enough to disguise your voice. Covering your mouth while you speak will help your to disguise your voice, using a handkerchief is a great way to do this. For best results it is always recommended to simply purchase a voice changer to disguise your voice.


  • One of the best mobile phones to use to disguise your voice is the iPhone. There are many different programs to disguise your voice.
  • Consider a service such as SpoofCard which offers a a way to disguise your voice over the phone, no hardware required.
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