How To Display Shoes

Wondering how to display shoes? On more than one occasion, a person has stood in her closet with one shoe in hand, frantically searching for the matching shoe while vowing that as soon as the weekend hits she'll be in Home Depot or Lowe’s purchasing the products needed to either build shelving or purchase ready made items needed to properly display shoes.

  1. Building your own shelving. When deciding how to display shoes, homeowners have one option that may not be available to those renting their residences: adding their own shoe shelves to their closet. While this is the most time consuming method of displaying shoes, this method is permanent and the best looking. In order to accomplish this, you would need the following items: a tape measure, shelving, brackets and a screwdriver and screws, along with a stud finder. Using the stud finder, you would determine the proper place to place the screws in the wall and screw the brackets into place. Once that step is completed, all that is left is to place the shelves in place and then you'll have the perfect location to display your shoes for everyone to see.
  2. Ready made shoe holders. For those who find themselves either renting their residence or just challenged in the construction department, the answer to how to display shoes is simple: ready made shoe holders. These can range from products such as The Shoe Trap Organizer made by Solutions to the canvas shoe holders that you can hang over the closet door. While both of these options will solve your shoe storage need, using canvas shoe holders will only hide your shoe collection from display. However, The Shoe Trap Organizer will not only display your shoes perfectly, but also keep them free from dust, dander, pet hair and scuffing.
  3. Clear shoe boxes. An additional option to consider when determining how to display your shoes is to purchase individual clear boxes to display each pair in and stack them on top of one another. While practical–and space saving–this option may be the most costly and difficult to maintain. If you’re like the average person who has upwards of fifty pairs of shoes, purchasing these boxes can end up costing more than you would expect since these boxes can run anywhere from $1.50 each and up. Plus, you can have difficulty locating the pair you need in a pinch, especially if what you are looking for is stacked underneath five or six other pairs.

Determining how to display shoes is one of the most important decisions a shoe lover will make outside of which pairs to purchase. But with the right preparation and maybe a little bit of elbow grease, you can have your closet looking like a million bucks in no time flat and be the envy of everyone you bring into your home.

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