How To Dive Into A Swimming Pool Safely

Diving into a swimming pool may seem easy enough to the casual observer, but it is still very important to know how to dive into a swimming pool safely.  Some of the most common poolside injuries occur because of people being careless when diving into a pool.  An improper and unsafe dive can be very dangerous, but with proper technique and some common sense you can execute an elegant dive into a swimming pool without being injured.

  1. The first and most important thing to remember when diving into a pool is to never dive into shallow water. Anything shallower than five feet is too shallow. Ideally, you should only be diving when the water is at least ten feet deep.
  2. Before diving headfirst into a swimming pool, it's always wise to jump in feet first in order to test the pool's depth and the shape of the pool bottom.
  3. Make sure you are clear of any obstacles that may get in your way when diving. Always know the path you're going to take before diving.
  4. If you're using a diving board, make sure it has no cracks or hairline fractures. Always jump off the front of the board, never the side.
  5. If you're simply diving in from the pool's edge, stand with your toes at the very edge when attempting your dive.
  6. When you dive in, you should have your arms pointing straight up over your head. They should also be covering your ears without squeezing them too tightly. Keep your chin tucked into your chest until you enter the water. This will keep you from executing the dreaded (and painful) belly flop.
  7. As with any water activity, you should never dive into a pool alone. Always have someone watching in case something does go wrong.

While all of this does sound like a lot to keep in mind, all it really boils down to is maintaining proper technique and using common sense.  Keep these important tips in mind, and you'll be able to execute elegant dives with little risk of personal injury in no time.

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