How To Dive Into A Swimming Pool

As summertime arrives, the question of how to dive into a swimming pool might arise. Diving into a swimming pool properly is necessary for personal safety. Improper diving can lead to head, neck and other serious injuries including drowning.

  1. Have proper supervision. Before diving into a swimming pool for the first time, assure that you have proper supervision. A trained diving or swimming coach is preferable. A lifeguard or responsible adult will suffice if no coaches are available. It is advised to take a diving class if available in your area. If classes are not offered, at least watch an instructional video on the subject.
  2. Find the appropriate spot for diving. There are appropriate spots for diving into a swimming pool. Pools are marked with depth levels and are typically marked at spots unsafe for diving. Shallow areas are never the right spot for standing in preparation for diving.
  3. Stand at the proper area. Place the tips of your toes approximately two inches away from the edge of the pool. The very edge of a pool is smooth and often slippery. Do not stand on this area before diving into a swimming pool.
  4. Prepare to dive. Raise your arms straight up beside your head and slightly bend your knees. When preparing for diving into a swimming pool, hold your elbows close to your ears and hold hands straight with fingers pointing upwards.
  5. Launch. In one motion, tuck your head slightly down, moving your arms so the elbows stay next to the ears. Push off with your knees propelling yourself downward and slightly forward. Diving into a swimming pool takes practice. Do not be discouraged if your first dive is not perfect.
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